You Need A Great Social Media Content Strategy

Kerika has you covered with a free Template

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A killer social media content strategy can be a game-changer for your business. That's right, you can reach your target audience with the perfect message without breaking the bank on performance marketing.

You don't have to match your competitors' big spending on ads to stand out from the crowd. You can outsmart them with a powerful social media presence that attracts and engages your ideal customers. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of passion for your product.

Connect with your different audiences on a deeper level by creating social media content that speaks to their specific needs, wants, values and emotions. This can make them more excited and loyal to your brand.

Harness the power of social media to spread your message in the market: you can deliberately create content that sparks conversations and referrals among your audiences.

You can reach out to different audiences simultaneously and see what messages and offers resonate with them the most.

A Solid Social Media Strategy Has Many Aspects to it

There's not just one button you need to push to really succeed in the world of social media, you need to work all the angles::

See how Kerika helps this team

Here's an example of how the social media manager of a team is using Kerika to execute on their content strategy:

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Even a casual visitor like you can easily easy see, at a glance, exactly what's going on, and how the work is progressing. (By the way, the only reason you can view this board is because this team has decided to share it with the world. Every board can have its access tightly controlled to make sure only the right people can see or change anything.)

Let's Meet the Social Media Team

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Jon is the mastermind behind his company's social media success! He knows that organization is key to getting things done. That's why he set up the Kerika Account for his team and is listed as the Account Owner – he's always on top of things!

Jon is also the Board Admin on this board, where he has set up the perfect workspace for his team to collaborate and get things done efficiently. He's added his coworkers as Team Members on the board, so they make changes to the board and help get stuff done:

  • Mary: She is the community manager. Her role in this team is to post and schedule content for our online community..

  • Jade: She is a content creator. She creates content in different formats, like writing, images, or audio for the company.

  • Diego: He is a graphic designer. He designs visuals, such as logos, graphics, and layouts.

Rosh is the eagle-eyed stakeholder who knows the importance of staying up-to-date on the project's progress. Although Rosh won't change anything on the board, Jon has made it easy for him to keep an eye on things by setting him up as a Visitor. (Which is free!)

By adding Rosh as a Visitor, Jon won't have to spend hours writing status reports. Rosh can simply log in and view the board at any time to stay informed on the team's progress.

And the best thing about all this? None of the team members or stakeholders had to go through the hassle of installing any software or browser plug-ins to use Kerika!

See How The Work Flows For This Team

The team have set up an effortlessly simple workflow to handle their social media efforts. With Kerika's incredible Task Boards, there's no stopping this team from achieving their social media goals!

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One of the most incredible things about Kerika is its flexibility – each board can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your team, ensuring the perfect workflow every time.

You're not locked into a rigid system that forces you to change the way you work. You're free to work the way you like, without any unnecessary roadblocks. With Kerika, you're truly in control! (Which isn't always the case with other task management tools)

Kerika Helps You Manage Everything

Tasks, Content, Communications, Deliverables

Kerika provides everything you need right at your fingertips in one beautifully designed, affordable package. No more juggling multiple tools or feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that goes into managing your social media content.

And the best part? You won't need any training to get started – all you need is a browser and you'll be up and running in just seconds. Say goodbye to stress and hello to effortless productivity with Kerika – the ultimate social media content planning solution!

Get ready to delve deeper into the magic of Kerika and see how it helps social media Jon's team:

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When you open a task card, you can see who's assigned to it (yup, more than one person can be assigned!), and you can also quickly check when it's due and its current status. The Details tab also provides more information about the task.

And there's more! The Checklist tab lets you keep track of smaller tasks with ease:

Click to see this card on the live board.

With Kerika, you can assign and schedule each item on your checklist, and everything is neatly rolled up to the card. That way, you can focus on getting the work done without worrying about missing any details.

But what about all those discussions that happen during the work process? Kerika has got you covered here too! The Chat tab in each card captures all the discussions related to that work item. You no longer have to sift through your cluttered email inbox to find those relevant comments. How awesome is that?

Click to see this card on the live board.

Kerika also makes it easy to manage all the content you need for each task, from files that you can drag-and-drop from your laptop to links of interesting stuff you find on the internet.

Click to see this card on the live board.

Kerika takes it one step further by allowing you to create new Google Docs from within the app itself. Say goodbye to opening multiple apps and windows just to get your work done.

Kerika has a Free Template for You!

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Kerika keeps up, as you get more done

There's no limit to the size of any Kerika board, and there's no limit to the number of boards you can have in your account.

As boards get big, Kerika's Highlights feature helps you zoom in on what matters most to you.

One common use of Highlights is to focus on just those tasks that are assigned to you:

Kerika and Google Apps

If you are using Google Apps (GMail, Google Docs...) you will be delighted to find that Kerika comes with Google Apps support right out of the box! Simply use your Google ID, and you're good to go! There's no need for any plug-ins or add-ons, and there's no extra charge.

Any files you upload are stored in your own Google Drive without any additional set up. And that's going to make your IT folks a whole lot happier than having your files disappear into the cloud.

Sharing files is super easy in Kerika. When you create a new file, all the members of the board automatically get write-access to it. Visitors also get read-only access to your files. You can even create new Google documents from inside a Kerika task or board.

If you upload a new version of a file, or rename something from inside Kerika, that shows up automatically in your Google Drive as well. If a Google file is updated, that shows up in your Kerika boards as well.

Everything you do in your Google drive gets updated in Kerika in real time! So there's no need to manually manage any documents.