Email marketing can deliver a 3,600% ROI

With Kerika, you can write your own success story!

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Email marketing is the ultimate hack for startups and small businesses: you can beat even your biggest competitors. Here are some numbers to consider:

Did you know you could increase your click-through rates by 14% and your conversions by 10% with personalization?

Kerika can help: we have a free Template that will set you up with the perfect workflow for managing your email marketing!

Email Marketing Has Many Aspects to it

Email marketing isn't about spraying emails at everyone; to really succeed at email marketing you need to work all the angles:

  • List building is a crucial aspect of email marketing: a targeted email list can help you reach a highly engaged audience who are more likely to convert into customers.

  • Crafting Email Campaigns: crafting emails that truly resonate with your audience takes skill and finesse, but done right your campaigns can capture attention and drive results.

  • Carefully Reviewing Campaigns: before hitting that launch button, make sure to review your emails carefully to catch any errors or inconsistencies.

  • Scheduling and Launching: when it comes to scheduling and launching, timing is everything – hit that sweet spot when your audience is most likely to be engaged and watch your open rates soar.

  • Analyzing results: but don't stop there – analyzing the results of your campaigns is key to continued success. Keep track of important metrics like open and click-through rates to gain insights into what's working and what's not – and use that knowledge to refine your strategy for even better results.

Each of these steps is incorporated into the workflow of our free template.

Here's a team that found success with Kerika

Let's see how Jon, the Email Marketing Manager at GreenWave, gets his team working together on their email marketing campaigns.

Jon has made this board viewable to you, so click on the image below to see it, live! Even a casual visitor like you can quickly grasp what's going on, and how the work is progressing.

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Let's Meet the Team

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Jon is the Email Marketing Manager at GreenWave and he set up the Kerika Account for his team, which is why he is listed as the Account Owner. John also set up this particular board, and he is the Board Admin. He added the rest of his team as Team Members, which means they can be assigned work items and make changes to this board:

  • Jade is a Copywriter
  • Mary is a Campaign Analyst
  • Diego is a Graphic Designer

Rosh is an important stakeholder who needs to stay in the loop, without getting too involved. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for this in Kerika: Jon has set Rosh up as a Visitor on the board, which doesn't cost a thing!

By adding Rosh as a Visitor, Jon no longer wastes time writing status reports because Rosh can easily check the progress of the team on the board at any time.

None of the people involved had to jump through any hoops to use Kerika – no software to install, not even a plug-in.

See How The Work Flows

Let's take a look at how this savvy team uses an effective workflow to handle their digital marketing efforts. Each column on the board represents a specific phase of their campaigns, so they can keep track of what's happening at every step of the process.

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The great thing about Kerika is that you can customize every board to fit your team's unique workflow, so you can work the way you want to without any limitations.

Unlike other task management tools that force you to conform to their way of doing things, Kerika gives you the freedom to design your boards in whatever way makes the most sense for your team. No more feeling boxed in or limited by software – with Kerika, the sky's the limit!

Kerika Handles Everything For You

Task Management, Content Management, Collaboration, and Communication

Everything you need to get more done is one beautifully designed and affordable package. You don't need any training to get started – all you need is a browser, and you can hit the ground running in just seconds. No need to juggle multiple software programs or struggle with communicating with work-from-home coworkers – Kerika has got you covered from start to finish.

Let's take a closer look at the cards on Jon's board to see how Kerika does everything his email marketing team needs:

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Opening a Kerika card is like opening a treasure trove of information. You can see at a glance who is assigned to the task, when it's due, and the current status: its all right there in the Details tab.

Go over to the Checklist tab to easily track smaller tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. With Kerika, you'll never miss a beat again:

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Each item on your checklist can be assigned and scheduled with ease, and Kerika ensures that everything is rolled up to the card so you don't miss a single thing.

And as you work on your task and pass it from one person to another, there are bound to be discussions related to it. With Kerika, you don't need to worry about digging through your massive email inbox to find all the relevant comments people made about the work item. Nope, that's all captured in the Chat tab of the card, so you can stay on top of things without any hassle.

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Need to attach files to your task? No problem! You can easily drag-and-drop files from your laptop right into Kerika. And if you come across any interesting content on the Internet, you can add links to it too! But that's not all – with Kerika, you can even create new Google Docs from right inside the tool, making collaboration and content management a breeze.

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Each work item/card can have its own unique details, checklist, and chat, so you can stay organized and focused on each task at hand. You can have as many boards in your account as you like and set up separate teams for each one of them. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to smooth sailing with Kerika!

As your ambitions grow, Kerika keeps up

Kerika's unique Highlights feature helps you stay focused on what matters

As your projects get more complex and you end up with a lot of cards, Kerika's Highlights feature will help you stay focused on what matters most to you. Whether it's what's assigned to you or other important details, the Highlights will help you spotlight the most important information so you never miss a beat:

The best part? You can use Kerika for anything your team or department needs to get done, not just email marketing campaigns.

Kerika is incredibly easy to learn, with no training required. You'll have all the tools you need to manage your team's projects, collaborate seamlessly, and communicate effectively – all in one place.

Kerika has a Free Template for You!

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Kerika and Google Apps

If you are using Google Apps (GMail, Google Docs...) you will be delighted to find that Kerika comes with Google Apps support right out of the box! Simply use your Google ID, and you're good to go! There's no need for any plug-ins or add-ons, and there's no extra charge.

Any files you upload are stored in your own Google Drive without any additional set up. And that's going to make your IT folks a whole lot happier than having your files disappear into the cloud.

Sharing files is super easy in Kerika. When you create a new file, all the members of the board automatically get write-access to it. Visitors also get read-only access to your files. You can even create new Google documents from inside a Kerika task or board.

If you upload a new version of a file, or rename something from inside Kerika, that shows up automatically in your Google Drive as well. If a Google file is updated, that shows up in your Kerika boards as well.

Everything you do in your Google drive gets updated in Kerika in real time! So there's no need to manually manage any documents.