Are you looking for a better alternative to Jira?

Something simple to get started with,
and easy to understand?

Kerika is perfect for remote, hybrid, and on-site teams.

Jira is a very complicated and hard-to-learn tool. It simply isn't designed for people who aren't techies.

Even just getting started with Jira is a challenge, as you have to fill out a bunch of forms and go through a confusing process.

So if you're looking for a simple yet powerful project management tool, then check out Kerika.

8 reasons why Kerika is better for your team

Kerika is ideal for non-technical professionals and easy to get started. Just sign in with your email address and you're ready to get started. There's no need to go through a complicated setup process.

Kerika has a lot more to offer than Jira.

And Kerika is solid. Our users rarely need help to figure out how to use it, but when they do, we respond quickly with email and phone support. Just check out our reviews on Google Marketplace.

"Although I'm only scratching the surface of the features, Kerika is a great tool!”
Google Workspace Marketplace review

Kerika is designed to be useful for everyone

Jira is obviously designed for software developers, but what about all the other folks that are involved in your projects? Like product managers, designers, upper management, sales, and marketing folks? They are going to be struggling with a tool that was originally designed to track just software bugs.

Kerika, on the other hand, is simple and easy to understand at first glance. You will never need any special training or tutorials to quickly start getting more productive.

This is what Jira looks like for a new user.

Kerika keeps it clean and easy.

"Keep up the great guys have an AWESOME product!”
– Michael DiPaolo, Kaplan

Kerika is easy to navigate and very user friendly

Jira’s project management system is very difficult to navigate. You have to search for stuff every time you want to take simple actions like assigning tasks, creating labels, and attaching documents.

If you want to manage your team's work on Jira, you will have to invest a lot of time just for learning the tool.

With Kerika, everything is accessible in just one or two clicks. We use simple language and easy-to-understand symbols to make navigation in Kerika very easy.

So, whether you want to assign tasks, create labels, or insert documents, you can do it instantly in Kerika!

"Our team has been using Kerika and finding it quite awesome”
– Jorge Narvaez de la Mora, Imaginario

Kerika makes team management easier

Jira has a complicated process, for something as routine as adding a coworker to a board, and assigning them roles and tasks.

Kerika makes everything quick and simple!

Just click on the team button on the top navigation bar and enter the person's email address. You can select a role for that coworker, and, of course, change your mind easily later on.

With Kerika, everything can be done with just one or two clicks.

"Chose your application because it seemed responsive and well thought out”
– Karen Schumacher, Pawsite

A Dashboard that helps you stay on top of things

Jira's dashboard is not very user-friendly and offers limited options to see what's going on in your project.

You can only see the boards assigned to you, the boards you have viewed, and the boards you have marked as important. If you want to improve your productivity, this is not enough!

With Kerika's Dashboard, you can stay updated on dozens of different projects at the same time.

Each option in Kerika's Dashboard is cleverly designed and helps you find everything you need in just a few clicks:

What's New & Updated: a great way to keep track of all the latest activities of all the boards you are part of. You don't need to check for updates on multiple boards individually; Kerika summarizes it all for you.

What's Assigned to Me: use this option to focus on just those tasks that you are responsible for. You won't get distracted by everything else that's going on (and in big projects, there's usually a lot of other activity that doesn't need your immediate attention).

What Needs Attention: the really important stuff won't fall off your radar, just because a lot of other stuff is going on. Even when there's a lot on your plate, you won't become a blocker for others.

What Got Done: see, at a glance, everything that got done across all your projects &endash; Today, This Week, Last Week, This Month, This Quarter. (You can say goodbye to the hassle of writing and reading status reports!)

What's Due: a great way to plan your day, or your week, or a Sprint. In one place you can see everything that's due This Week, Next Week, This Month, Next Month. There's no need to check each board to get this information.

The Dashboard is particularly useful for consultants and professional services firms because you can see, in one convenient view, what's happening across all your clients.

"Kerika is a morale booster.”
– Kaz Obreitan, Clarius Group

Kerika and Google Apps

If you use Jira, you will be surprised to learn that you're need to pay extra to use it with Google Drive. That doesn't seem like a good deal, does it?

Kerika, on the other hand, comes with Google Apps support right out of the box! Simply use your Google ID, and you’re good to go! There's no need for any plug-ins or add-ons, and there's no extra charge.

Any files you upload are stored in your own Google Drive without any additional set up. And that's going to make your IT folks a whole lot happier than having your files disappear into Jira-land.

Sharing files is super easy in Kerika. When you create a new file, all the members of the board automatically get write-access to it. Visitors also get read-only access to your files. You can even create new Google documents from inside a Kerika task or board.

If you upload a new version of a file, or rename something from inside Kerika, that shows up automatically in your Google Drive as well. If a Google file is updated, that shows up in your Kerika boards as well.

Everything you do in your Google drive gets updated in Kerika in real time! So there's no need to manually manage any documents.

Once you start using Google apps in Kerika, you will realize how much time it saves you from manually managing documents within your team. All of these features are simply impossible in Jira.

"Kerika frees up your brain.”
– Faith Trimble, Athena

Ideal for project management

One of Jira's biggest limitations is you can't easily share files or send messages to everyone on your team. This can be a real problem if you need to send out an important update or a file to everyone on your team.

With Kerika, you can have effective communication with your team. You can send a message to all your team members, and easily share files and other content, including links to SharePoint.

All these actions are in a convenient, intuitive place:

  • Board Team: You can add people as Board Admins, Team Members, or Visitors.

  • Board Chat: For when you want to say something to the whole team.

  • Board Attachments: An easy way to find shared resources, which could be files, images, videos or Web links.

Kerika's unique Highlights make it easy to manage even the largest boards:

Kerika’s Highlights shines a spotlight on what matters to you, without hiding the rest of the board.

Designed for Remote and Offshore teams

When people are working in different timezones, confusion about due dates is common: Did you mean the end of my day, or the end of your day?

That problem doesn't exist with Kerika, which automatically adjusts due dates to each user's timezone:

In this example, a work item that is due at the end of the day in India is shown as due at 11:30 AM in California, reflecting the 8:30 hour timezone difference. (And, yes, Kerika automatically handles daylight savings time!)

If you need a daily summary of what's due sent by email, Kerika will send that to you at 6AM where you live.

The Kerika team understands very well what people need to effectively collaborate across countries, because the Kerika team is a distributed team, using Kerika to make Kerika.

Whiteboards and Task Boards

If you are planning to manage your project on Jira, at some point you'll need to create mind maps or project flows. Whiteboards are a built-in feature in Kerika: you can create standalone Whiteboards or attach them to any card on a Task Board.

Kerika's Whiteboard is an excellent tool for effective project management. It allows you to create flowcharts, mind maps, project flows, and more.

You can layer canvases within other canvases to explore ideas in detail. You can also insert files, videos, images, and web content right into any Whiteboard. This makes it easy to reference and share your work with others.

If your work involves online collaboration, you'll be happy to know that every Whiteboard created in Kerika can also be viewed as a regular web page. This means you can share your whiteboards with anyone, even if they're not Kerika users.

Kerika also has strong privacy controls in place: for each Whiteboard, you can decide whether to keep it private, share it with a team, or make it viewable by the whole world. That means you can tailor the level of access to suit your needs, and know that your work is safe.

Custom notifications, at a glance

Real-time collaboration – seeing immediately what someone is doing – is great when you are both online at the same time, and are looking at the same card.

But when you are working with people in different timezones, that kind of overlap is rare. So the question you need answered when you start your day is: What happened overseas while I was sleeping?

Kerika is smart: it has a unique way to highlight exactly what changed, on every card on the board: orange highlights let you know whether a card's details, checklist, chat, attachments, or due date have been changed since you last looked at it.

Built for Regular folks

With its simple features that give you exceptional functionality, Kerika is the ideal choice for individuals and organizations anywhere. As you look at other tools, you will quickly notice that they are obviously designed for tech bros and millennials working in downtown San Francisco.

At Kerika, we care about people like you. Regular folks, trying to get their work done efficiently while working with the challenge of remote teams.