How to Plan a Product Photoshoot

A Complete Template for Planning A Product Photoshoot

For Business Owners and Marketing Teams

Planning a product photoshoot requires great efficiency, planning, and execution.

Plan For Success

Execute your photoshoot with precision and ease using the step-by-step tasklist with over 12 action items.

  • Create Concept and Moodboard: a mood board is a visual representation that helps to clarify and articulate your vision.

  • Set Budget: doing early in the process ensures that you do not overspend, and that you plan properly for executing your vision.

  • Book a Photographer: the concept and the vision of the photoshoot will help determine what type of photographer you need for the photoshoot.

  • Create the Shot List: map out all scenes for the photoshoot or filming video.

  • Secure a Location: decide what type of venue and location would work best.

  • Book Hair and Makeup: decide what type of hairstylist and makeup artist you need by referring to the mood board you created.

  • Book Models: decide what type of models or talent you need by referring to the mood board you created.

Additional tasks include:

  • Complete wardrobe
  • Create a Call Sheet
  • Order food or catering

Try the template now and get a free Call Sheet Plan

Conduct Your Photoshoot

We have all the steps and details needed for a successful photoshoot:
  • Review Shot Sheet
  • Set up props and stage the scene
  • Capture images
  • Edit and Finalize Images

The best part of using this template from Kerika is that all the content you generate throughout the project – contracts, images, presentations – can be stored right inside the tasks on your Kerika board.

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