How to launch your Product like a Pro

A Complete Template for a New Product Launch

For Business Owners and Marketing Teams

We have a complete template for anyone who wants to efficiently plan and execute a successful product launch.

Whether you’re planning your first product launch or scaling your business with more products, Kerika can help you each step of the way.

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Launch your Product with our proven checklist

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Getting Ready

There are 11 action items for the prep stage alone, but don't worry: we have you covered.

The big ones are:

  1. Connecting with Team Members: whether you’re launching with an internal team, or using outside agencies, you can include the right people on the board's team.

  2. Finalizing Product Name: a product’s name often serves as the first impression potential users have of your product.

  3. Media Outreach and Pitching: pitching media outlets is an effective method to build awareness for your product launch.

And there's also:

  • Confirming product is ready for Beta Testing
  • Creating Mock Press Release
  • Briefing Industry Analysts
  • Interviewing Beta Customers
Each task comes with helpful tips and links so you don't miss anything.

A Product Launch is all about creating the right content

Use our step-by-step process to create your launch content. This will make your team productive, reduce the time you spend managing files, and let you focus on building customer awareness.

Get started with 23 Action Items for content creation.

  • There are 6 tasks for creating Internal Prep Documents

  • 3 tasks for creating Internal Content

  • 14 tasks for creating External Content

Don’t worry: our template has all the details and helpful resources you need to execute each task beautifully.

Kerika handles content management really well. All your files stay organized: just drag and drop anything you need onto a Kerika card, and it will be safely stored in your Google Drive and instantly shared with the right people.

What kind of files are we talking about?

From blog posts, photoshoot images, PDFs for handouts and brochures, presentations for your sales teams, spreadsheets to track your expenses, to launch videos from your marketing team – it’s all handled by Kerika.

Here's an example

This is just some of the launch content you will create for your product launch.
  • Buyer Persona Case Study
  • Positioning Guide
  • Sales Deck
  • Product Screenshots
  • Email Announcement
  • Competitive Analysis Framework
  • Product Battle Card
  • Blog Content
  • Product Video
  • Demo Script
  • Knowledge Base Content
  • In-App Message
  • Sales Talking Points and Content Kit
  • Landing Page
  • Help Center Articles
  • Messaging Map

(Don't worry: Kerika will track all this too..)

A Product Launch is also about great execution

No more hectic launch days! Get your team members, managers, and stakeholders on the same page for a smooth, successful launch day.

Some of the big things you will need to do:

  1. Publish Your Press Release: share a Press Release that tells the product's story.

  2. Push Website Updates: push website updates so your potential customers know the product is ready.

  3. Publish Knowledge Base Content you've already created for your audience.

Additional actions items include:

  • Push landing page
  • Push in-app message
  • Confirm product video is accessible
  • Encourage staff to share product video

Contact us if you need help; we will be glad to guide you – free!

While this is going on, Kerika makes sure you won't get lost in emails

This is where Kerika's chat comes into play: all the conversations that take place within the team can be found right inside the cards. You don't get buried in a ton of emails.

That's a completely different – and much better – experience that what you have today.

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Upload Files from your desktop: drag and drop any kind of file onto a Kerika task and Kerika handles the rest, including keeping track of versions.

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Sync with your Apple, Microsoft, or Google Calendar: never miss a due date again! Your Calendar will automatically stay updated even as your due dates change.

Kerika even has Whiteboards
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Whiteboards make it easy to visualize your ideas and plans.

You can explore concepts within concepts and even incorporate your files, videos, images, and Web content along with your flowcharts.

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