Just 19% of digital marketing campaigns succeed

With Kerika, You can be one of the Winners!

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A successful digital marketing campaign can make all the difference to a startup or small company’s success: you can reach the right audience with the right message without spending a lot of money.

If your competitors have huge marketing budgets (and you don’t) a digital marketing campaign is your best option for making a disproportionate impact with your limited cash.

  • With digital marketing you can tailor your message to specific audiences, and this can deliver higher conversion rates and a real ROI.

  • You can leverage social media to amplify your voice in the market: you can systematically work on creating a buzz within the audiences you target.

  • You can target multiple audiences at the same time to test different messages and offers.

Digital Marketing Has Many Aspects to it

You need to work all the angles

There’s not just one button you need to push; to really succeed at digital marketing you need to consider:

Success is never accidental

Winners don’t count on luck, and they don’t rely upon email

Email is notoriously bad for productivity: too many people get involved in a thread, and pretty soon all that Reply All spam leaves everyone feeling confused and frustrated.

Things get worse when you attach drafts of your writing and try to get comments: what started off as a simple MyArticle.docx quickly spawns MyArticle v2, My Article (John's feedback), My Article v3, and so on…

Important stuff gets lost in the avalanche of irrelevant emails, and it becomes all too easy for everyone to lose track of deadlines.

The challenge of coordinating tasks, keeping track of content, and collaborating has become more difficult now that people are working remotely: when folks are working in different locations, and at different times, making sure everyone is always on the same page is both harder and more vital.

See how this Team got to Success

This Task Board shows how Jon, the Digital Marketing Manager at EcoElevate, and his team work together on their Digital Marketing Campaign.

Jon has made this board viewable to you, so click on the image below to see it, live!

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Let’s Meet the Team

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Jon is the Digital Marketing Manager at EcoElevate and he set up the Kerika Account for his team, which is why he is listed as the Account Owner.

John also set up this particular board, and he is the Board Admin. He added the rest of his team as Team Members, which means they can be assigned work items and make changes to this board:

  • Jade is a skilled Graphic Designer
  • Dennis is a talented Content Writer
  • Mary is an expert in Social Media and Search Engine Marketing,
  • Diego excels in Influencer Marketing
  • Jeff leads Affiliate Marketing
  • Michelle specializes in Email Marketing
  • Chen excels in Content Marketing

And finally there’s Rosh, a stakeholder who just needs to keep an eye on the board. Since he won't be making any changes, Jon setup Rosh as a Visitor (which is a no-cost option!).

Adding Rosh as a Visitor frees Jon up from writing status reports: Rosh can always view the board at any time to check on the progress of the team.

The great thing is, none of these people had to deal with the hassle of installing any software or browser plug-ins to use Kerika!

And See How The Work Flows

This marketing team has set up a simple workflow to handle their digital marketing efforts, and Kerika makes that easy with its Task Boards: each column on the board represents a phase of their campaigns.

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The great thing about Kerika is that every board can be set up differently, to perfectly match the perfect workflow for your team.

You can work the way you like, Kerika doesn’t force you to change your processes. (And that’s just not true for a lot of other task management tools!)

Kerika Handles Everything For You

Tasks, Content, Communications, Deliverables

Kerika is a complete solution that handles all your task management, content management, collaboration, and communications. Everything you need is there, in one beautifully designed and affordable package that requires zero training – all you need is a browser and you are good to go in just seconds.

Let’s take a closer look at the cards on Jon’s board to see how Kerika does everything this team needs:

Click to view this card on a live board.

When you open a card, you can see at a glance who is assigned to that task – and it can be more than one person – when it’s due, its current status, and details about the work item. All of this is right in the Details tab, but there’s more, like the Checklist tab that lets you easily track smaller tasks:

Click to view this checklist on a live board.

Each item on the checklist can be assigned and scheduled; Kerika makes sure everything gets rolled up to the card so you don’t miss anything.

And as this work item gets done, and as it passes from one person to another, there will inevitably be discussions related to it: questions, concerns, suggestions…

All of that is captured in the Chat tab of this card, which means you don’t need to search through your swollen email inbox to find all the relevant comments people made about this one work item. (And, of course, each work item can have its own card, checklist, chat, and attachments.)

Click to view this chat on a live board.

But that’s not all, Kerika also manages all the content needed for each task: files that you can drag-and-drop from your laptop and links to interesting stuff you find on the Internet. You can even create new Google Docs from inside Kerika!

Click to view these attachments on a live board.

This is just some of what’s possible for you, when you use Kerika. You can have as many boards in your account as you like, and set up separate teams for each one of them.

If a particular project gets more complicated and you end up with a lot of cards, Kerika’s Highlights will help you spotlight what matters most to you, like what needs attention right now:

The best part of Kerika is that you can use it not just for XXX, but for anything else your team or department needs to get done. The system is super-easy to learn, with no training required.

Kerika and Google Apps

If you are using Google Apps (GMail, Google Docs...) you will be delighted to find that Kerika comes with Google Apps support right out of the box! Simply use your Google ID, and you're good to go! There's no need for any plug-ins or add-ons, and there's no extra charge.

Any files you upload are stored in your own Google Drive without any additional set up. And that's going to make your IT folks a whole lot happier than having your files disappear into the cloud.

Sharing files is super easy in Kerika. When you create a new file, all the members of the board automatically get write-access to it. Visitors also get read-only access to your files. You can even create new Google documents from inside a Kerika task or board.

If you upload a new version of a file, or rename something from inside Kerika, that shows up automatically in your Google Drive as well. If a Google file is updated, that shows up in your Kerika boards as well.

Everything you do in your Google drive gets updated in Kerika in real time! So there's no need to manually manage any documents.

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